Social Work/BereavementT Lehman


Medical Social Work services are available within home health care and hospice. Our social workers are essential in assessing and evaluating situations from a problem-solving perspective. Social Work evaluations lead to a better understanding of an individual’s physical, emotional and psychological state; providing our patients with well-rounded patient-centered care.

Social Workers, additionally, provide our patients and their family members with education pertaining to what to expect during the dying process; providing resources and support services during difficult times enable our patients and their family members to make informed decisions and feel that they are not alone.


Grieving the death of a loved one is a unique process for each person, with no prescribed path or timetable. Helping Hand Hospice helps those left behind to better understand and cope with their grief as they move forward toward hope and healing.

After the death of a loved one, our trained staff provides grief support to family and friends of our patients as well as to anyone in the community grieving a loss.


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