Private DutyAlex Baker

Health insurance coverage frequently has certain limitations and restrictions.

If your insurance plan does not cover the care services you need or ceases payment for services before you are ready or expect to be ready for the services to be stopped, you are typically left to pay the difference with private pay (re: “out of pocket”)
Paying privately for home care services is often a necessary solution for individuals who prefer to live independently in their homes, as external payment sources for in-home care is limited and generally only covers a short time frame.
Because Medicaid and Medicare typically do not cover Long-Term Care, the financial burden often becomes the responsibility of the individual and their extended family.

Individuals that are not covered by a government program, who have purchased Long-Term Care Insurance are considered “Private Pay.” Helping Hand Home Care & Hospice accepts a multitude of insurance and is available to structure your Private Pay home care plan.


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