ODP WaiversT Lehman

Consolidated and P/FDS waivers

Intellectual disability services available under ODP waivers that we offer:


Companion services are provided to individuals living in private homes for the limited purposes of providing supervision and assistance that is focused solely on the health and safety of the adult individual with an intellectual disability. Companion Services are used in lieu of Home and Community Habilitation Services to protect the health and welfare of the individual when a habilitative outcome is not appropriate or feasible

(i.e. when the individual is not learning, enhancing, or maintaining a skill).

Home and Community Habilitation

This is a direct service (face-to-face) provided in home and community settings to assist individuals in acquiring, maintaining, and improving self-help, domestic, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings, and participate in their local community. Services consist of support in the general areas of self-care, communication, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, personal adjustment, relationship development, socialization, and use of community resources. This service may be made available to individuals in their own home or in other residential or community settings not subject to licensing regulations.

In-home Respite (24-hour and 15-minute)

This service is provided to supervise and support individuals living in private homes on a short-term basis due to the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing care. Respite services may only be provided to those living in a private home. Respite services may also be provided by someone that the person and family already know who is qualified and willing to provide assistance either in the person’s home, the home of a family member or a friend’s home.


These indirect services include household cleaning and maintenance, and homemaker activities such as meal preparation, laundry or services to keep the home clean and in a safe condition. This service is limited to 40 hours per year and may only be provided when the individual, or anyone else in the household, is incapable of physically performing and financially providing for the function; and no other relative, caregiver, landlord, community/volunteer agency, or third-party payer is capable of or responsible for their provision.


This service consists of nursing services, consultation, and training within the scope of practice. A denial letter from medical assistance fee for service or managed care must be received prior to any healthcare related service being provided.


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